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As a speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics, Alex McFarland has spoken in hundreds of locations throughout the US and abroad. He has preached in over 1,500 different churches throughout North America and internationally, and has been featured at conferences such as The Billy Graham School of Evangelism, Focus On The Family’s Big Dig, Josh McDowell’s True Foundations events, California’s Spirit West Coast, and many more.


He has been interviewed on Fox and Friends (the most widely-watched morning show in the US), the Alan Colmes Show, “The Strategy Room”, Billy Graham’s Decision radio broadcast, by James Dobson (Focus On The Family radio), NPR’s All Things Considered, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint broadcast, CBS, FOX, NBC news, SRN news, the Associated Press (AP) wire service, LA Times, Boston Herald, the BBC, OK- Celebrity News Magazine, Prime Time America, CBN, CSPAN, Bible Broadcast Network, La Vie (France), Christianity Today, Charisma, On Mission, and by numerous other media outlets as well. In a 2009 story, CNN said, “Alex McFarland is an expert on world religions and cults.”  Beginning in 1991, Alex pioneered apologetics conference formats designed to equip teens and adults to defend their faith. Attendees of all ages began to attend Alex’s “Truth For A New Generation” events, eagerly learning from scholars such as Josh McDowell, Ravi Zacharias, Lee Strobel, Chuck Colson, and others.


In 2006 Alex was named third president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and College, located in Charlotte, NC.  He served in this role for 5 years, during which time the school saw unprecedented growth under his leadership.  Prior to this, Alex had served as Focus On The Family’s first-ever Director of Teen Apologetics.


In his home state of NC, Alex McFarland was named one of “Forty Leaders Under The Age of Forty,” by the Jaycees.  Alex is the only evangelist known to have preached in all 50 states in only 50 days, through his “Tour Of Truth.” This crusade across America included 64 evangelistic services and became the subject of Alex’s first book.



The Generation Joshua team takes government (something that is not very hands on) and in just two days turns it into a full scale interactive learning process. We go beyond simply lecturing and utilize hands on learning and critical thinking.  It is common knowledge in the homeschool community that children learn best by employing all of their senses; thus, in each of these courses, the teens actually get to practice the material they learn, rather than just read about it. 


Generation Joshua staff focus on how the Christian worldview affects decision-making in intense political situations and show students the implications of their decisions and responses. Students learn why politics works the way it does, why it’s worth being involved, and how to be a consistent advocate for Christian principles.




Sharon Jeffus has a B.S.S.E. in Art Education from John Brown University and continued on in her studies to be certified to teach English from the University of Arkansas. She studied painting at Metropolitan in Denver and sculpting at Southern Illinois University.She has written over twenty books and has the internationally known company Visual Manna. Sharon wrote her first book in 1992 and developed the Visual Manna teaching method where art is integrated with art appreciation, techniques, vocabulary and core subjects.



Sharon taught in the public schools for ten years in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. She then left the public school system to write books, travel and homeschool her two sons. Sharon and her late husband, Richard, started Visual Manna to encourage young Christians in the arts and meet the needs of visual and kinesthetic leaners. Sharon and her husband Richard taught art to thousands of homeschoolers across America. They taught thousands of homeschoolers across America before he passed away. Sharon also taught Intensive English as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Missouri-Rolla and has given presentations on teaching art to college classes including Azusa Pacific University and Columbia College and the Audubon Society. She has three AP courses that have been approved to teach. Art internships are also available. Sharon developed and presented workshops in coordination with Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Bass Pro on art and science. Her books are available in ebook form through our Visual Manna Store.  Visual Manna Academy is offering a comprehensive art program for high school students.


A CLASS Services trained speaker, Kim Endraske delights in sharing from her experience as a former “evangelical atheist” turned sold-out servant of Jesus Christ.  Kim is committed to encouraging the weary and mentoring the next generation of homeschooling moms.  The wife of one very patient husband and mother of four unique children (a college graduate, a college student, a middle schooler and an elementary schooler), Kim has homeschooled since 2001 and made the mid-South her home since 2006.  Kim ministers to families who have chosen to continue their pregnancy following a poor prognosis for their unborn baby at and sporadically blogs at .


Jeff and Lisa Barber have been blissfully married for 25 years, and they have 5 children whom they have always home educated.  Jeff is in his 31th year of practicing law, and he serves as an elder in their church.  Lisa is a reader, writer, researcher, and a grand fan of The Oxford Comma.  Jeff and Lisa enjoy dating each other, running together, and driving out to the country for target practice.


Dr. Preston Crowe is a native of Louisiana, with a heart for ministering to the body of Christ, specifically in the areas of marriage and family, healing, and recovery. Preston holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Mississippi College. He gained a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, a Masters Degree in Christian Education, and a Ph.D in Psychology and Counseling--all from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served in various capacities as a Professional Counselor, College Professor, and Pastor.

Jennifer Crowe of Jackson, Mississippi, holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Communication from Mississippi College. Before coming home to teach her children, Jennifer taught at the Middle School, High School, and College level. In addition to educating her children within her home, she has also been instrumental in coordinating co-ops for her homeschool group.


Preston and Jennifer have taught marriage, parenting, and leadership seminars in churches and other organizations but their most important role has always been teaching and leading their family. In addition to their five children: Mason, Dawson, Colton, Ashlyn and Bella, they also serve as Infant Foster Care Parents through Bethany Christian Services in Jackson.


Marilyn Easley is the wife of MHEA board member, David Easley, the mother of five, and a grandmother of four (almost 5). Marilyn received her degrees in Music Education from Mississippi College. The Easleys are finishing their 28th year of homeschooling this spring. The four oldest have graduated homeschool highschool and MS State University. Their youngest is in highschool now. Marilyn enjoys music, taekwondo, and cooking. 



Keith Hicks has been married to Alison for twenty-three years, and they have seven children, ranging in age from twenty-two down to three. Keith is a graduate of Mississippi State University and has worked as a sales representative in the Wholesale Hardware Industry for twenty-four years. He is currently serving as the president of MHEA. 


Married 22 years to Marie James Kilpatrick, Danny has served in various capacities with local and state home-school organizations. The Kilpatrick's are members of the Laurel Christian Home Educators and serve as support group leaders of the Bay Springs area group. Danny and Marie have four children ranging from College to elementary level education.  


Maureen was married to the love of her life, Randy Phillips, for 33 years, 4 months, and 13 days, and she helped him in full-time ministry as they home educated their 13 children. By the Lord's grace, since Randy's "promotion" to heaven 3 1/2 years ago, Maureen continues to reach out and encourage her family and soon-to-be 19 grandchildren and others with the Scriptures while home educating 4 of their 6 children who are still at home. 



Jacob Phillips was home educated K-12 and trusted the Lord Jesus Christ to save him at the age of 13. He graduated from Mississippi State University in 2007 and was commissioned as a U.S. Army officer where he served in the First Infantry Division (Big Red One). He is married to Mary Elizabeth, and has 2 children (Abigail, 3, and John William Tyndale, 1) and one on the way.  He currently works as a warehouse supervisor at Yokohama Tire Manufacturing in West Point, MS. He enjoys spending time with the Lord, his family, enjoying yard work, outdoor activities, sports and fitness, acting, recording an audio Bible for his kids, art, reading, and any kind of good tea or coffee.



Suzette has been married 42 years to Roger Potts of Saltillo, Mississippi. They have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. She earned her B.S. and M.A. degree from MUW, plus 30 hours of post- graduate work in English. Suzette taught 9 years in high school public education, 25 years in home education, now is in her 7th year of teaching at Itawamba Community College. She and Roger are active members of Gumtree Presbyterian Church in Tupelo.


Desiree' Wilson is the mother of four children, including two college graduates. She lives in Steens with her husband Andy and continues to school two children at home. Desiree' enjoys gardening and all things outdoors.



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