This program presents students with a hands-on opportunity to learn about the challenges faced by diplomats and foreign ambassadors at an international summit. Throughout the program, your student will have to choose between making demands and exercising diplomacy; forming alliances and burning bridges. They will have to know when to speak and when to bide their time. They will be forced to make decisions and accept responsibility for how those decisions impact the nations they represent. In the midst of a fun and engaging environment, they will get a glimpse of the weight and responsibility that comes with great power and influence. Their character will be grown, their minds will be stretched, and to be successful, they will need to act with honor, integrity, and much wisdom.

To round out the program, Generation Joshua staff will provide lectures focusing on Christian worldview and civic involvement and how it relates to law and public policy.

iNegotiate provides a safe atmosphere for students to learn how they respond to political pressures and gain a better understanding of how leaders make tough decisions. Ultimately, the goal of the track is to train students to be an unfailing testimony as an advocate for Christian principles as they serve their country.

COST: $35 - (Covers Friday and Saturday)

NOTE: Students must attend both days to participate in GenJ.


The Generation Joshua team takes government (something that is not very hands on) and in just two days turns it into a full scale interactive learning process. We go beyond simply lecturing and utilize hands on learning and critical thinking.  It is common knowledge in the homeschool community that children learn best by employing all of their senses; thus, in each of these courses, the teens actually get to practice the material they learn, rather than just read about it. 


Generation Joshua staff focus on how the Christian worldview affects decision-making in intense political situations and show students the implications of their decisions and responses. Students learn why politics works the way it does, why it’s worth being involved, and how to be a consistent advocate for Christian principles.