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2019 info coming soon!


(AGES 9-12)



This youth track for students ages 9-12 will allow participants to learn more about the excitement, wonder, and science that can be found in the natural world.  Hands-on activities conducted indoors and out (weather permitting) will help children learn and grow in understanding while giving parents ideas for teaching at home.  





Although three of the four topics are the same as last year, the activities WILL BE DIFFERENT.  


  • Workshop A - Science in Nature

    • This workshop will introduce students to the scientific method and how it is used by biologists to learn more about wildlife and ecology.  Simple experiments will reinforce the basic steps used by scientists every day.


  • Workshop B - Mammals

    • Participants will learn characteristics of mammals using hands-on activities and materials such as furs, skulls, and tracks.


  • Workshop C - Birds

    • The uniqueness of birds will be highlighted through games and activities, many of which can be repeated at home for further learning.


  • Workshop D - Habitat

    • Participants will learn the components and importance of wildlife habitat.

$10 Per Student  - Includes All 4 Workshops
Youth Track is on Saturday only. 40 Students max.


Nature Science Youth Track is offered by Dr. Leslie Burger, Assistant Extension Professor in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture at Mississippi State University. A former home-educator, Leslie has been the wife of Dr. Wes Burger for the past 28 years and is the mother to three homeschool graduates, Justin (23), Wesley (21) and Ryan (19). After working at the Missouri Department of Conservation for 5 years, Leslie “retired” to stay home with her babies and homeschool her children. She returned to work in 2008, started a doctoral program in 2010, and graduated in 2014 with a PhD in conservation education. As a former homeschool mom, Leslie understands the unique position of home-educators and has designed a workshop sensitive to the needs of parents and children.

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