You may be thinking, “Wait!  That must be a typo.  Don’t you mean Spring Conference 2020?” 
No, it’s not a typo.  In light of a number of existing and future challenges, the MHEA Board has prayed long and hard about all aspects of our annual conference, especially location, content, and speakers, and we have decided to use 2020 to revise and retool our efforts. 

Starting with 2021, we still plan to have our conferences in the spring, but for the sake of calendar and speaker flexibility, we will be changing the location, which is still to be determined. And don’t worry — we are not abandoning key elements of Spring Conference that have been so meaningful through the years! 

Our goal is to be consistent to our historical purpose while at the same time seeking to make Spring Conference a blessing to future generations.  We’ll post updates as more details develop.