The most current feeds from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association appear below. 

Urgent Legislation will be posted on MHEA’s Facebook page.


  • CPS Worker Needs Homeschool Education October 20, 2014
    A social worker asked an HSLDA member family to show that their homeschool had been approved, despite the fact that in this family’s case no approval was required by law.
  • “You Need to Invite Me into Your Home” October 17, 2014
    HSLDA acted to help a member family avoid having to “invite” an official into their home to review their curriculum.
  • Superintendent Refuses Public School Withdrawal October 14, 2014
    HSLDA helped a member family who was threatened with truancy charges after they tried to withdraw their 5-year-old from kindergarten.
  • Westfield to Formally Drop Common Core Demands October 10, 2014
    A New Jersey school district is taking steps to repeal a policy that demands homeschool parents teach the Common Core to their children.
  • Leave Truancy Policy Alone October 7, 2014
    HSLDA encourages homeschoolers to comment on proposed rules changes that would affect West Virginia truancy law. Our position is that the new rules are confusing and unnecessary.