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  • “Home School Student” Redefined for HOPE Scholarship April 10, 2014
    The Tennessee Legislature has updated the definition of a “home school student” eligible to receive a HOPE scholarship.
  • New Law Recognizes Home Instruction April 8, 2014
    With the enactment of Senate Bill 38, Alabama law now expressly recognizes home instruction by someone other than a state-certified private tutor as an option for complying with the compulsory school attendance requirements.
  • Get a GED or Get Out! March 27, 2014
    HSLDA helped a homeschool graduate after the college she was attending said she needed to obtain a GED or face expulsion.
  • Labor Laws Become Homeschool-Friendly March 24, 2014
    A new law makes a student’s own school calendar the reference point from which to determine how many hours he or she can work on a particular day.
  • Armed Forces Finally Accept Homeschool Enlistees on Equal Terms March 18, 2014
    The Pentagon has finalized a new policy that treats homeschool graduates on equal terms with other military enlistees. This welcome news comes at the end of a long struggle by HSLDA to achieve equality for homeschoolers.