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  • “Homeschoolers Don’t Work as Hard” November 18, 2014
    A homeschool mom was complying with the law but was disturbed when a state employee made a negative comment about homeschooling. We know that many people are still unfamiliar with the great track record of home educated students, but this worker’s comment was over the top.
  • 17-Year-Old-Graduate Exempt from Attendance Laws November 17, 2014
    When the local school district said a 17-year-old had to keep following the homeschool laws even though he had graduated, HSLDA stepped in. We showed that the teen was exempt from compulsory attendance because of his diploma.
  • Diploma Questioned for Second-Generation Homeschooling November 14, 2014
    A mom—and homeschool graduate—faced opposition from the local public school district when she filed a notice to begin homeschooling her own children. HSLDA intervened by showing that the mom’s diploma is valid under state law.
  • Social Worker Wants to Assess Mom’s Teaching November 14, 2014
    HSLDA helped a homeschool family accused of educational neglect avoid a social worker home visit. Soon after we intervened the case was closed favorably.
  • State Department Accepts Homeschool Diploma after HSLDA Intervenes November 14, 2014
    HSLDA helped persuade Missouri’s Department of Mental Health to change a hiring policy that discriminated against homeschool graduates.